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Mission 4:12 FAQs

What is Mission 4:12?
Based off of Ephesians 4:12, M412 is a group of young people seeking to grow spiritually through bible study, prayer, and connection through transparent sharing.  This is a great place to “be yourself”, ask questions, and just plain enjoy being with others.

2016 Fall Study
Freedom in Christ For Young People


Freedom in Christ for Young People: We are looking forward to ramping up our youth ministry again as we begin the fall! We will be doing the “Freedom in Christ for Young People” study. Click here to access the calendar which includes the study’s dates so that you can plan accordingly. This includes tentative dates for January and February including an overnight retreat. These dates will be confirmed closer to the new year.

Participation Guide: The study comes with an optional participation guide. They are $5.00 each if you are able to donate toward that cost. These guides are designed more as reminders of what we learned with some food for thought for the week as well as some journal space. Each week, Pastor Sean will send you optional family questions from the session to help foster good discussion at home.

We Invite You to Play a Role! If anyone would like to plan an outing for the youth, we would greatly encourage it! Also, we will do the Lake Champion retreat again in early April. If you would like to help with the fundraising for the retreat, that would be very much appreciated.

Course Summary: Freedom in Christ for Young People is designed to set young people firmly on the way to becoming fruitful disciples who are sold out for God. Our aim is to connect them with the truth about who they are in Christ, become free from pressures that hold them back, and learn to renew their thinking — no matter their circumstance or background. While the world may bombard them with many non-truths, this course will help them discover the truth through the power of God’s Word leading to a powerful, life-changing experience.

Contact Info: Pastor Sean can be reached at (609) 445-4070 or via email at